December 8, 2019

How We Started

The mission of the Tourtellotte Memorial High School Alumni Association is the continuation of the educational traditions established by Dr. Jacob Francis Tourtellotte and Mrs. Harriett Arnold Tourtellotte by maintaining a solid and continuous relationship between the school and its alumni through mentoring, social activities, and community involvement.

In 2008, we led a town-wide effort to protect the Tourtellotte Trust. The development of new town ordinances and the Tourtellotte Board of Trustee now insures the more than $2M fund is used for the “care and maintenance” of the Tourtellotte Memorial High School 1909 building.  As a result, the 1909 TMHS building, the Tourtellotte Memorial Room (museum) and its art work, have gone through extensive, and greatly needed, restoration work.

The Alumni Association also presents an annual TMHSAA Scholarship to graduating seniors. Money for this scholarship is raised through TMHSAA-sponsored events and donations made by our generous members.

Additionally, the association supports a variety of school activities and events throughout the year including history, art, and architectural classes, museum tours, art appreciation lectures and the TMHS Athletic Hall of Fame.

Last, we provide a communication link between all former Tigers through a variety of methods to include reunions and we provide news and information about the school and its impressive history through our Facebook page and web site.

October, 2008

Under the direction of Joe Lindley, eight local residents with strong ties to Tourtellotte Memorial High School formed the first incorporated TMHS Alumni Association. The group established TMHSAA By-Laws and held elections. The members included, Gladys (Krigsman) Tucker ‘52, June (Zmitrukiewicz) Duclos ’72, Eileen (Boutin) Deary ’77, Rachael (LaFleur) Johnston ‘75, Sandy (Becker) Ouelette ‘79, Alex Kirkland ‘08, Joe Iamartino, President of the Thompson Historical Society, Deb Spinelli, Alumni Liaison and Thompson School’s Athletic Director, and Joe Lindley ’74.

2015 Current Executive Commitee Members:

Joe Lindley ’74 – President
Rachael (LaFleur) Johnston ’75 – Vice President, Scholarship Chair
Gloria (Jolicoeur) Harvey ’65 – Treasurer
Eileen (Boutin) Deary ’77 – Membership Chair, WebSite Manager, Banquet Chair
Gladys (Krigsman) Tucker ’52 – Archives Chair
Rita (Groh) Rohr ’56 – Archives Chair
Jim Sali ’51 – Athletic Hall of Fame Chair
Deb Spinelli – School Liaison
Lis Burton – Tourtellotte Committee