December 8, 2019

Hall of Fame

In the winter of 2009, the TMHSAA formed the TMHS Athletic Hall of Fame. The purpose of the Hall of Fame is to recognize the school’s very best athletes who, over the course of their lives, embodied the extraordinary interscholastic athletic tradition of excellence at Tourtellotte Memorial High School.

A committee comprised of the Thompson Public Schools’ Athletic Director and TMHSAA volunteers was formed and nominations to the first HOF class were collected. Nearly 100 athletes made the first list.

Each year the committee receives additional nominees from members and, over several sessions, narrows the list of nominees by investigating the athlete’s records and backgrounds. After carefully reviewing the research, each class is selected.

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INDUCTEES OF 2015 Brochure >
1929 Boys Basketball State Championship Team; Coach, Paul Dery ’70; 1999 Girls Soccer State Championship Team; Aaron Siekierski ’04; 1995/1996 Cross Country State Championship Team; Carolyn Babbitt ’84

INDUCTEES OF 2014 Brochure >
Aimee Levesque ’97; Nick Angelo ’51; Joe Augustinski ’51; Tasi Vriga ’51; 1944 Boys State Championship Basketball Team; Louis Thomas ’85; Tom Hession ’51; Candace Spinelli ‘99

INDUCTEES OF 2013 Brochure >
Maurice Negip ’43, Greg Guillott ’88, TMHS Cross Country 87/88 State Champs, Cindy Laliberte ’74, 1995 4X400 State Record Holders

INDUCTEES OF 2012 Brochure >
Glen Senecal ’75, Dan Chubbuck ’27, 1987 Basketball Team, Marie Spinelli, Tom Auclair, Walter Modleszewski, Ray Bates ’39, Agnes Gahagan, Al Chandler, Rose Patterson

INDUCTEES OF 2011 Brochure >
Angie Giardin ‘95, Frank Ungerer ‘50, Chris Carabina ‘50, Tom Tenancea ‘50, 1993 Girls’ Soccer Team, Ted Fatsi ‘43, Tom Fatsi ‘43, Billy Guillott ‘81, George St. Marie ‘29, Maggie Stoll ‘86

INDUCTEES OF 2010 Brochure >
1927 Boys Basketball Team, 1949-51 Boys Basketball Team, Brian Murphy ’75, Jerry Ryscavage ’55, Jim Canty ’29, Jim Naum ’50, Ted Vriga ’54, Eva Houle ‘87, Alan Laboeuf ‘79, George Dargati ’50

Tourtellotte Athletics
No high school in Northeastern Connecticut has had more success in athletics than Tourtellotte Memorial High School. In spite of being one of the smallest schools in Connecticut, Tourtellotte has amassed 14 State Championships in 22 showings. The TMHSAA is committed in keeping this rich tradition alive.

Connecticut State Championships
2004 Golf, 1999 Girls Soccer, 1996 Boys Cross Country, 1995 Boys Cross Country, 1993 Girls Soccer, 1988 Cross Country, 1987 Boys Basketball, 1987 Boys Cross Country, 1951 Boys Basketball, 1950 Boys Basketball, 1949 Boys Basketball, 1944 Boys Basketball, 1929 Boys Basketball, 1927 Boys Basketball

Connecticut State Finalist Titles
2003 Girls Soccer, 2000 Girls Soccer, 1997 Softball, 1996 Boys Soccer, 1996 Softball, 1994 Girls Soccer, 1943 Boys Basketball, 1932 Boys Basketball

Anyone interested in joining the TMHS Hall of Fame Committee can contact us at or by calling the Thompson Public Schools Athletic Director at 860-923-2350.

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