November 15, 2019

10 Things You May NOT Know About TMHS……

1. There were only eight graduates in 1911, our first graduating class. Two were women.
2. TMHS original colors were Scarlet and Black.
3. The cost to attend TMHS in 1910 for “out of town scholars” was $20.00 a year.
4. The original cost of the TMHS building-$150,000.
5. Three members of the Class of 1947 left high school and served in the armed forces during WWII.  They returned after their stint and graduated in 1947. They were: Bob Blake-U.S. Marines 43-46; Burt Elliot-U.S.Navy 45-46; and Bob Luster-U.S. Navy 44-46.
6. The class of 1947’s favorite actors were Bing Crosby and Dinah Shore.
7. Their favorite radio program–Hit Parade.
8. Their favorite teachers–Mr. Canty and Miss Gahagan.
9. Francis Sheriff ’47 was the first TMHS graduate to be accepted at West Point Military Academy.
We have had two Alma Maters. Here is the original:
“Although Yale has always favored
The violet’s dark Blue
And the gentle sons of Woodstock
To the Blue and Gold are true
We will own the lilies slender
Nor honor shall they lack
While Tourtellotte stands defender
Of the Scarlet and the Black.
Through the four long years of High School
Midst the scenes we know so well
And the mystic charms of knowledge
We vainly seek to spell
Or we win athletic victory
On the baseball field or track
Still we work for dear old Tourtellotte
And the Scarlett and the Black.”
 Source: 1947 TMHS Class Book, compliments of Betty LeClair’52