October 17, 2019

2011 — A Year in Review ……

Thanks to our volunteers and the support of our members, the TMHSAA had a very productive 2011. Many projects and assignments were completed this year and the ground work for many others established. The projects completed included the following:

1. Publishing of eight new Hilltopper newsletters.
2. Development of a freshman orientation program for new incoming TMHS students. The program is called “Tradition.”
3. Restoration of several historical books to include the TMHS Bible and 1911-1968 Graduating Class Roster book.
4. Addition of the Luva Mead ‘38 Collection to our archives. Several of Luva’s pictures now hang in the TMHS archive room.
5. Chester Zmitukiewicz and Michael Thomas, two WWII veterans, received their long overdue TMHS diplomas.
6. TMHS archival files have been established and organized.
7. Installation of the archival program called Past Perfect. This program will allow us to E-file the Tourtellotte Collection and TMHS archives.
8. Conducted several history classes for Thompson Middle School and TMHS students.
9. Development and sale of new TMHS correspondence cards (we even made a few dollars at Christmas time).
10. Installed the Ryscavage Auditorium chairs and plaques.
11. Addition of ten more athletes to the TMHS Athletic Hall of Fame.
12. Addition of Andy Mamedoff (R.A.F.) and William Mayo to the WWII Honor Roll located in the 1909 TMHS building.
13. Formation of a scholarship committee.
14. Laid the foundation for a new web site.
15. Began the “TMHS Favorite Teacher.”
16. Continued our work toward becoming a 501c3.
17. Opened the Memorial Room on numerous occasions for students, guests, visiting Tourtellotte family members, and historical organizations.
18. Participated in Walktober.
19. Created a display at the Thompson Library.
20. Presentation of The Tourtellottes and the Civil War to the Thompson Historical Society. This program is expected to be given at QVCC in the spring.
21. With the help of the Tourtellotte Trust, new front-entry rails, stone work and capstones were installed at the 1909 TMHS building.