September 21, 2021

2013 — A Year in Review……

Once again it seems impossible but another year has come and gone. We are entering our seventh year since re-establishing the TMHS Alumni Association and much was accomplished. We are grateful for all who have contributed, especially our executive committee. Without their help, much of what we accomplished this year would not be possible. Special thanks are due Rachael Johnston, Eileen Deary, Gloria Harvey, Gladys Tucker, Lis Burton, Rita Rohr, June Duclos, Sally White, Deb Spinelli, Jim Sali, John Lesniewski, Bill Pederson, Paul Dery, and James Lincoln.

It was also a sad year. Among those we lost were founding members Charlie Seney ’39 and Jim Naum ‘50. Both men were with us from the start and their contributions to the TMHSAA were incalculable. They will truly be missed.

Some of the larger projects we completed this year included installing a HVAC system in the 1909 TMHS building (funded by the Tourtellotte Trust), the awarding of two $500.00 TMHSAA scholarships, and the induction of Cindy Laliberte ‘74, Greg Guillott ‘88, Bill Pederson ‘68, the 1987/88 Cross Country Team, Maurice Negip ‘43, and the 4 X 400 State Record Holders into the TMHS Athletic Hall of Fame.

Work in the Tourtellotte Memorial Room also continued and we have repaired and cleaned an additional nine paintings and refinished the brass easel that holds the large picture of Mrs. Tourtellotte and her daughter Hattie. We will continue this project until all the paintings and frames are refinished.

Our Cow Plop this year was successful and we raised nearly $500 for our scholarship fund. Many thanks to Fort Hill Farms and the Orr family for all there help… and many thanks to the cow. We plan on another one this coming year. Also during this past year we continued to show the Tourtellotte Memorial Room to all who are interested in the Tourtellotte’s story, their donated art work, statuary, and other items in their collection. Many people from our area have visited our school and Tourtellotte family members from all over the country came and visited us searching for connections to Dr. and Mrs. Tourtellotte.